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Which way the price is heading? How far will it travel? How long will the trend last? Where is the bottom, top and what are the signs of a weakening trend?

These and many other questions form an essential part of any technical analysis.
There are some fundamental guidelines to be used in day-to-day trading:

1. Embrace the full picture of the market

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it is a worthy website for forex and share traders and helps a lot to improve their skills and knowledge.


could you please narrate how one places a trailling stop loss in a trade while still allowing the profit to continue climbing at d same time guarding against loss. i'm a new trader. victor



I am a relative newby, your site look fantastic, full of extremely helpful information. I am looking into trading 1 hour binary options - can you recommend any indicators / combination that may be useful ?
Thank you very much in advance
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I recently found your website and I believe it's the best information about FX traders ever. Thanks for sharing your valuable information.


This is more than just trading tips, More power to your elbow.

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Excellent exposition. I'll bookmark this page.

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still need to learn more form u....




how to know market is going up and down?


some 18 years ago i took some lessons - the net content was simple to hear but a challenge to follow.

Use R & S levels to find the markets stop street - use 1 or 2 indicators to assess direction of move after consolidation.

Learn to read the chart.

Advice I head even today

Fantastic site thank you


thanks a lot
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good word, was nice 2 read n got some advice for myself, thanks.


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Good stuff, thanks for sharing knowledge with everyone. Rgds


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Thanks for practical tips
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Dis is the first time i am seeing something on forex trading this beneficial,being provided absolutely free on the internet. I think this site is a must read for every beginner and mid-level trader out there. Thanks man,for a job well done.
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