Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Start with 34. Then compare it to 14.
If you like 34 better, then it might be worth looking at CCI 50 as well.

The information on this page is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!
There is some very valuable info here and it is extremely helpful to new traders such as myself.
Thanks a million.

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thanks for this superb site, just to clarify 1 point on CCI, is this indicator most effective when the market is trending?


It can be used in any markets: trending or ranging, since it's able to show those different types/states of the market on its histogram.

i use this CCI 34 setting for my M! chart together with stochastic 14,3, works very well even in sideway market

Hi,great site you have here,good expernations of these indicators,I will be taking a look at all,although my favourite is CCI 34,with a longer EMA overlay for cross overs. Great Job,thanks again.

Lord,... God bless this author website owner

I just first visit this website, Thank a lot sir for your sharing


This is a really useful site. Keep up the good work. Helps many of us to understand the WHYs and WHEREFOREs of FX trading. If you ever publish a newsletter I would be interested. Thanks many pips.

Wow what a really cool site. Thanks for the information and the hard work

Came across your site from Google. So far what I've seen is very impressive. Great job! Keep it up... your work is helping quite a few folks.

Great site, possibly the best one on forex indicators, learnt a lot here!

Thanks so much !
Miroslav - Belgrad - Serbia

I would ask for assistance on how to take over the CCI indicators and how to install the MT4- platform. Thanks

this is the first time i have visited this site and i must say that this forex site is the best and you work so hard to help other traders you are the best and god bless you.
Mr Reg from UK

This is an awesome retreat. Call it a lounge if you like.

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any idea where we can find the cci trading walkthrough strategy coded for mt4 as an EA?

this is my first visit ,ur site is more informative and best among forex sites ,ur hard work should be appreciated.can u suggesst any other for combination with cci indicator 14 to avoid whipsaws

your site is very usefull for newbies understanding such indicators. thank for your great work

Thanks gov you are the man. I now see that when we share things that work - we help ourselves as technical principles will then work close to if not at perfection. Imagine, 90% of traders getting it right at about the same time everyone will get tons of money and life will be ... well better. So thumbs up for doing what you are doing and hope more traders pick up the right stuff and trade right it is for the good of all. Cheers mate!!!

PS: Are you by any chance Nigerian?

Thanks so much for your lessons. Before I read your lessons on the RSI & CCI I have been losing money left and right; I like the CCI better than the RSI; however, what timeframe do you advise me to use? I see that M1 is way under/overestimating the market! Many Thanks and I am looking foreward to read more lessons of your:-) Cheers

Great work and tools; When CCI (34) crosses over 0 line; what would be the recommnded SL & TP?! Many Thanks


Hi - I am a fan of the CCI and I like the way you have presented the information on this website. Please keep up the good work

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