Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Very very useful info, please keep up the good work


Hi. I am only in this business for 14 months now. I find setting of 10 to be good(lets you in earlier). I set my TP for H1 time frame on 25 pips, H4 - 50 pips and Daily - 100 pips. After you have entered a trade and as long as the price line is not touching the CCI, you can extend your TP level. When the CCI is running horizontal do not open the trade. God Bless your business.

histogram is TCCI?

can u elaborate chopiness index pls

Can CCI be used on other platforms besides MT4? Also, Ive seen CCI used four different entries & exits: 100/-100, crossing 0 line, exiting 100/-100, and from +150/-150. If they all work its OK. Any comments on this> Thank you.

First off I'd like to thank you for this fantastic site! Awesome information here. Secondly, could you please go into more detail in how to trade using CCI Divergence for me? Thanks again and keep up the fantastic job!

This site is great!Thank you very much!

Great forex teacher, pls, can u explain how to interpret the cci histogram as applicable to a trending or ranging market. I'm still a new baby who wants to use cci for my trading. This is very,very important to me if u can squeeze ur time to help PLEASE. Ah-ha! not to forget what is whipsaw? Thanks alot and alot for all ur beautiful and well educative articles.

Great site great teacher. As a forex new comer what difference does period 14,34 and 50 signifies or make on a chart. I ones sent u comment on how to interpret cci histogram as related to ranging or trending market need ur assistance please once more. Thanks.


You are a miracle for newbie traders like me who have had consistent losses prior to your site. I can say now, it's rare that I make a losing trade anymore, all because of you. Thank you for everything. Joe

Thanks.Now I understand about cci before i don't know.I think this indicator is very helpful for us.But Can you tell me which time frame is the best for cci.I always use h1 time frame.

thank you

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