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I have a question. I've installed Multimeter II. When i open it in M5 chart the trend-o-graph is different when i open it in M30 chart. Should't that be the same, regardless of the xhart it is in?
Kind regards Mario

I'd also expect it to be the same though.
Either way, take a look at the 3rd version: FX Multi-Meter III

Hi All, I was able to install it on my mt4 but can't see part with overall signal and bar meter. Please advice if anyone know what need to be set up to be able see all indicators as per screenshot above. Many thanks. T.

not bad indicator..

possible all he indicator files are corrupt, can't download any of them.
only downloads correctly.

I am also wondering why the trend graph and stach ind. changes when you change timeframe, they should stay constant as they are a multi timeframe part of the indicator??? Confused?

How to move it from the right side of the chart to the left? Thanks~

I'm afraid it won't be possible to do it for this indicator, as there are many objects involved in building its layout.

Use Chart shift (Right click on the chart, Properties, enable Chart shift) to make some room for the indicator on the right.

how can i download this indicator?

Right mouse click, Save link as...


How do I use this indicator? When do I enter for a buy or sell? & when do I exit? Please help...

This is rather a huge toolbox full of indicators. It doesn't give you exact buy/sell signals, but rather you have to watch it for a while in order to figure out your own way of using it..

have trouble in installing, when i try to compile the II version got error, at 3338 server: nginx/0.7.67, can any one help with this?

Hi, l am very please with the indicator because it works and a little details to the one l have but l notice one thing on the SPREAD BAR. please which broker you are using that give 0.4 spread the one am using have 3 spread love to hear from ASAP.THANKS Ebenezer ayobami taiwo

Hello, i downloaded it but i only see smily in right corner? Market is closed will it display when market is open or do i have to adjust something?
Thank you!

hello everybody i use laptop to trade the ea is too big for my screen i will like to reduce it or how can i change it to compact mode thanks.

please every body does the fx- multi- meter iii trade itself

thank for this great indicator good work

Where is the exe file

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