MT4 indicator (iPanel_Indicators.ex4, iPanel_Trend.ex4)

Forex MT4 indicator BBands_Stop Download indicator: iPanel_Indicators.ex4
Forex MT4 indicator BBands_Stop Download indicator: iPanel_Trend.ex4

How to trade with iPanel_Indicators.ex4

iPanel indicator scans signals from several Forex indicators across multiple time frames and transforms everything in a neat box with up and down arrows. Up - buy, down arrow - sell.
The information box can be moved to any of the 4 chart corners by changing the settings parameter "Corner" from 1 to 2, 3 or 4.

Forex MT4 indicator iPanel Trend

What Indicators traders monitor with iPanel?

Stochastic 8, 3, 3 - iPanel shows position of 2 Stochastic lines %K and %D (on the screen shot above they would correspond to %K - red and D% - blue).
When red is above blue - iPanel will show a red arrow, sell.
When red is below blue - green arrow, buy.

RSI 14 - When RSI reads above 50, it'll be an uptrend and a green arrow up, RSI below 50 - downtrend and the red arrow on iPanel pointing down.

CCI - (settings for CCI are unknown, unfortunately; my guess it might be 14 or 20.
Either way this doesn't prevent us from simply reading CCI signals on iPanel: green arrow up - buy. Red arrow down - sell.

On iPanel, CCI has a special status - it has an additional set of arrows - inclined up and inclined down arrows). These arrows have the following meaning:
Inclined arrow up (green) - CCI is against Selling.
Inclined arrow down (red) - CCI is against Buying.

MACD 12, 24, 6 - remember you can change indicator settings, on the screen shot I put MACD back to standard 12, 26, 9 settings.
MACD signals are the same as for Stochastic - simple lines crossover. On standard MT4 MACD it'll be a crossover of MACD signal line (in red) and MACD histogram.

When MACD histogram is above zero and MACD signal line is hovering above the histogram - Sell.
When MACD histogram is above zero and MACD signal line is trading inside the histogram - Buy.

When MACD histogram is below zero and MACD signal line is hovering below the histogram - Buy.
When MACD histogram is below zero and MACD signal line is trading inside the histogram - Sell.

EMA1 - is a crossover signal from 2 MAs: 5 EMA and 8 EMA

5 EMA above 8 EMA - buy, opposite - sell.

EMA2 - is a crossover signal from 2 other MAs: 26 EMA and 52 EMA

26 EMA above 52 EMA - buy, opposite - sell

What time frames are displayed on iPanel?

That shouldn't create difficulties, we have: 4 hour, 1 hour, 30 min, 15 min, 5 min and 1 minute charts.

How to use iPanel signals

As you can see, iPanel creates aggregated reports across multiple time frames and it sends lots of signals from a set of indicators. Taking all those signals into account when entering a trade would, most likely, be impractical - there is too much information to digest.

An ideal case is when across multiple time frames you have the same signal for any particular indicator: for example, all green arrows for MACD across all time frames. You don't want to sell when you see this signal.
Forex traders can develop some easy visual strategies based on this indicator, while for the rest
your best bet is to use it as a navigator whenever a quick reference is needed to confirm a trade or double check if "anyone" [indicators] is against your decision.

How to use iPanel_Trend.ex4

iPanel_Trend indicator speaks for itself, it suggests a current trend and tells how strong this trend is.
Unfortunately, it is unknown what formulas and indicators are involved in trend evaluation.

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how to install those indicators

Please follow the link: How to install MT4 custom indicators

The Ipanel_Trend.ex4 indicator calls and requires use of the custom indicator Waddah_Attar_Explosion indicator which can be downloaded from

Generally, Ipanel_Trend queries the following indicators over multiple timeframes and adds up the results to arrive at a decision as to the average overall percent trend of the market:

Waddah_Attar_Explosion, MA, CCI, MACD, ADX, Bullspower, Bearspower,
Stochastic, RSI, Force, Momentum, Demarker.

thanks for it.

Hi.. I have installed Ipanel indicators.. But after installing i am getting red and green "e" instead of an arrow mark as shown in the diagram..

can u explain please that whats wrong with the settings??


Hi Sam,
I probably saw your other message where you also had similar trouble with another indicator.
So, I would now definitely advise trying a platform from another Forex broker.

can I use this for MT5?

Indicators that were codded for MT4 won't work on MT5 due to differences in the programming language.

Hi Alex,
Thank you for your restless job and commitment.
I am so new in this "business" but want to know as much as possible. Everything in here is created in a fantastic way.Very understandable.
I want to express my feelings and appreciations to you. You are a great person.

Kindest Regards:

Does anyone know how many bars are measured with Ipanel trend??? Cheers

hello to whom it may concern,
I had download and instaled this indicator on fxdd platt didnot work correct and use all my memory in 2 weeks and crashed my computer, why I dont know? any idea?????

I posted comments on a bad indicator but you do not show it? ( ipanel

Hello, this is Orlando I posted a concern about ipanel saying it is a bad indicator.I was not aware that one has to also down load because it was not part of download indicator on top of post Download indicator: iPanel_Indicators.ex4
Download indicator: iPanel_Trend.ex4. SO BEWARE INSTALL ALL 3 INDICATORS.
Thanks to your website, I have become a better trader.

I cant download iPanel_Indicators.ex4 file. because of my web browser(Firefox) cant identify ex4 codes. but I can download mq4 files. so can you give me mq4 file of iPanel_Indicators.(or zip file of iPanel_Indicators.ex4 ) thanks.

I was inspecting the settings for the RSI on this indicator and compared each row of results to their actual indicator.
Charts > Indicator List > Main Chart > iPanel_Indicators.
I found that the RSI arrows respond to a combination of two RSI signals overlapping.
The Default settings being an RSIP of 14 and an RSIP of 70.
When the RSI 14 crosses above the RSI 70 a green up arrow appears.
When the RSI 14 crosses below the RSI 70 a red down arrow appears.

I needed two RSI indicators on the same graph to spot this and am wondering if there is a double RSI indicator available.

tanx i will try it !
it look to be attactive

thanks it been very useful one of the best site ive ever been

I used white background and the title can't show because white colour. how can i change white to black. TQ

Thanks alot my God bless you always...


Good indicator but please tell me why i not see time frames on indicator? Also percentage on trend indicator not show?


Thanks for your site and great explanations of the indicators. Is there a way to remove the higher time frames from the chart? I only one the 1M and 5M. I haven't found the mq4 code yet. (and even if I didn't I probably won't be able to change it). The other thing I would change is the display distance on the y axis, since it interferes with the order EA in the upper right corner. I tried dimming the text, but it keeps defaulting to bright, thus obscuring the smiley face.

Thanks for your great descriptions. Is there a way to remove or hide the higher timeframes on the ipanel?


i am working on white charts so i cant see the font.:(
Can you change this on the file and put all names in black?
tks you very much

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