MT4 expert (FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4)

Forex MT4 indicator FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4 Download expert: FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4
Forex MT4 indicator FX Multi-Meter II.mq4 Download fonts:

How to trade with FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4 expert

Forex MT4 indicator FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4

Forex MT4 indicator FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4

Forex MT4 indicator FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4

Forex MT4 indicator FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4

How to interpret FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4 Forex expert signals

Forex MT4 indicator FX_Multi-Meter_II.mq4

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This expert does not work =(

2;77;C:\Program Files\PROFIT-Trader\experts\indicators \Multi metr.mq4;1563:32;';' - not enough memory for the program

it doesnt work for me... I already compiled it, I copeid the font as instructed... but nothing happens

thanks alot is not enough

I don't know about previous trader, but it works on my MT4 too

it does not work, did all what's been said, but failure. Can you clearify how to install it to the MT4, first copied the file to the mt4 and saved then closed the program and reopened the platforn, clicked on "insert" then through indicators-custom, found the file and clicked on it, nothing just couldn't open this indicator, the second type as you said closed the program and loaded the zip file "font" then extracted and saved it to the program file-metadrader FXstart4-experts, again reopened the prog, failure again, what should i do to make it work with my platform, plz help me

it works on my MT4. They must read carefully installation.

Guys, I see that some of you have troubles installing it while others don't.

The indicator should be copied directly to "/experts", not "/indicators" folder, and then you should fing it on your platform under "Expert Advisors", not "Custom indicators".

The rest is according to the installation guidelines above.
As much as I want everyone to have it installed, I'm not sure I can do the troubleshooting work.

So, my best advice would be:
- re-read installation guide
- re-try
- if nothing works, try on a platform from another broker.
- if nothing works, ask your friend to do the same steps, may be you're doing something incorrectly, something not really obvious
- if nothing works, leave it, there are plenty of other tools and your time is valuable!

run mt4 platform as administrator

how to copy the fonts in the zip file to C;/windows/fonts?

download and unzip the file "".
Inside the Fonts folder you'll find files, which need to be copied to C:/Windows/Fonts

Working with files and folders in Windows is simple, I'm not sure if your question was actually about those basics.

Is this an Expert Advisor or a Custom Indicator?
If it is an Expert Advisor, how do you change the input to change the amount of the unit size that you are trading?


I think i did every thing properly.But when i try to drag it from customs nothing happens ;// can someone plz help me?

your ea is superb. Its working fine. But i want to change the display from
"Right Top Corner" to "Left Top corner". Is there any possibilities to change this option, please answer here or please send me a mail fair_n_smart()

Thanks a lot you in advance.

This EA is great!!! Had an issue running it in the backtester but the easist fix I found was to move everything from initial() to the start() function and add a return; at the end of the main() function. Now I am able to test and optimize by putting my OrderSend() conditions in the main() function and handle OrderClose() and trailingstops in the start() function.
Again Great EA!!!

Thanks Again for such a great product!!!
One of the previous comments asked for a way to display the Graph on the left side rather than the right, I have worked it out and have added an option for it in the external varibles if you are interested in providing it to others. If so let me know on here and I can email you the changes or you can make the changes by creating a varible on a global scope of type int DisplayPosition =0; (I named mine "DisplayPosition") and adding it to the first vector of every objectCreate() function. (there is a bunch of them)
your code: objectCreate("SignalUp",10, GraphShift+498,"p", 28,"Wingdings 3",Lime);
my code: objectCreate("SignalUp",10+DisplayPosition, GraphShift+498,"p", 28,"Wingdings 3",Lime);

then create an exten bool giving the option of LeftDisplay = true;
Last just write an if statment in the init() function.

How to Install Fc Multi Meter In Simple Easy Way.

Step 1: Download Zip Font File, Mq4 File.
Step 2: Unzipped the font file, and copy all the font inside it and paste it in c:/windows/font.
Step 3: Close the Meta trader.
Step 4: Open C:/Programfile/metatrader/expert and paste it. Paste it in expert folder not in anyother folder like Indicators etc.
Step 5: Open Metatrader, Go to Meta Editor, there will be the fine FX Multi Meter, Open it and Compile it and close Meta Editor.
Step 6: On the Meta Trader, left side below symbol there is "Navigation" in In Navigation there is Expert Advisor, open it and there will be FX Multi Meter. Now Drag that Icon to the chart. Hope it work.



How do I get just the BAR METER %?? I am not technically savvy with scripts, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Thank you very..very..very...very...very 1000x much for this EA/ (indicator actually)...
This type of EA worth at least 10k gbp nowdays.... I'll marry with u ( the one who gives this EA )

Hello. I want this EA to trade only on 4 hours timeframe. What should I do? Thank you.

Hi all, Multimeter III is available version IV is soon to be released which is a hybrid ea/indicator.

I also downloaded the EA and it is showing on my demo account,but there was no trade for last 3 days.what is real system and how it works.

FX Multimeter II indicator has made me more money than than the dozen or so ea robots I've tried put together.
The install location is odd, but the thing works !!

multimeter IV is on ebay uk and other countries with 200 feedbacks.
It says that that version is actually a robot ea, unlike ver II which is only an indicator !!
please note *** ver. II is only an Indicator NOT an EA ***

great indicator....

Hello, I've installed Multimeter II (i saw the upgrade, will do that today(. I have a question: shouldn't the trend-o-graph give the same results despite of which timeframe you are open it in? When i'm opening the Multimeter in a M5 chart it gives different red en green signals the opening it in a M30 chart??

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