Bill Williams' approach to trading the markets has become popular in recent years.

Bill Williams' Indicators

Bill Williams believed that the cause of the traders losing in the market lies in their extended reliance on the various types of analysis (technical ass well as fundamental), and the rules that's been created upon them.

B. Williams believed that such rules don't always produce the results, he called them useless and even dangerous, because the market constantly changes and one cannot always rely on patterns and theories used in the past.

In order to achieve excellence in the trading field, a trader needs to know the very structure of the market.

This can be achieved by exploring the market in five dimensions:

• Fractal (space)
• The driving force (power)
• Acceleration / deceleration (power)
• Zones (strength and power)
• Balance Line (balance)

Each measurement adds additional information to the general picture of the market.

According to Bill Williams his very sensitive market approach to analysing price moves allows him to capture no less than 80% of each market move.

Bill Williams talks about his work



Im waiting for the Awesome Oscillator and Accelerator Oscillator=)

Looking forward for it;)


The AC is next.

(technical as well as fundamental)

would you please telling me, Are all bill williams indicators the modern trend indicator, momentum indicator, vilatolity& volume indicator??and effectively using in which time frame?

serdadusurga - madiun - INDONESIA

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