MT4 indicator (HeikenAshi ZoneTrade)

Forex MT4 indicator Download: HeikenAshiZoneTrade.mq4
Forex MT4 indicator ZoneTrade Download: ZoneTrade_v2.4.mq4
Forex MT4 heiken ashi indicator Download: HeikenAshi.mq4

How to use Heiken Ashi ZoneTrade indicator

This is a new interesting version of Heiken Ashi indicator, which integrates Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator (AC) and Awesome Oscillator (AO).

Initially the combination of AC and AO indicators was made to detect favorable trading Zones, where a trader could trade with more confidence and place multiple trades. The method of Zone trading has been introduced by Bill Williams. More on Zone Trading...

Let's compare regular Heiken Ashi and the new version:

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How does one use this HeikenAshi Zone trade? does gray mean too late to enter trade or is it an exit signal?

Gray means there is no definite trend, thus no trading.
If you get a gray bar while in the trade, expect the trend to stall.
Bring closer your stop and watch if the trend is going to resume or change direction.

does the indicator repaint after the candle close?

No it doesn't.

Yes please elaborate more on how to trade this 3 colors bars?

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In order to download an indicator from

1. Right click on the indicator link
2. Choose "Save as.." or "Save link as.." or "Save target as.." to download the indicator.

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is like HA-ZT and Zone chart shown above is the same.

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