Aroon Oscillator

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Quick Summary

Trading with Aroon Oscillator involves the following signals:

Aroon Oscillator line above the zero — suggestion of a bullish market.
Aroon Oscillator line below zero — a bearish market.

The further the Oscillator line is from Zero level, the stronger the trend.
When values are near Zero line, the market is trending nowhere.

The idea behind Aroon Oscillator

Aroon oscillator is based on Aroon Indicator. Aroon Oscillator is a trend-following indicator that illustrates the strength of a current trend and its potentials to last.

How to interpret Aroon indicator

An oscillator that oscillate between -100 and 100.
It oscillates around zero line, defining times when AroonUp and AroonDown lines of Aroon Indicator cross each other.

Aroon Oscillator Formula

Aroon Oscillator = AroonUp - AroonDown.

Aroon Forex charts example

Aroon Oscillator in Forex


The positive value of Aroon Oscillator indicates an uptrend, while the negative value indicates a downtrend. The higher the absolute value of Aroon Oscillator, the stronger the trend.

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Aroon oscilators is da bomb especialy when used with the macd. 136 pips da day guys.
Richard unn ,nigeria.

I'm using MT4 without Aroon indicator and Oscillator. So, how to set this tools?
Please show me.
Thank you very much
Nguyen from Vietnam

Hi Nguyen,

In your MT4 platform folder go to: Experts -> Indicators
Copy the tro indicators there:

Restart MetaTrader platform.
Now you'll find both indicators in your platform menu:
Insert -> Indicators -> Custom

Good luck!

There seems to be a problem with the second link Aroon_oscillator_v1mq4 when I try to download I get message file not found. I am finding this site a wealth of knowledge. Rob.

Thank you for noticing that.
The link has been fixed now.

hi could you pls tell me how to download the links. Because when i'm clicking on those they open the coding window.there is no download options.thank you

hi Trader,

You should Right Click and choose "save link as"


ho to add aroon pls tell me

Thank you, Azim.

To the last trader: please watch How to add indicators

which settings is good for aroon oscillator and aroon indicator coz i am only using 5 minutes to trade usually i use 8day for aroon oscillator and 25days for aroon indicator i only get small profit please help

why not use 4 hours chart and see how it works.


Have you a forex robot for the arron indicator ?

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