Gator Oscillator by Bill Williams

Gator Oscillator Indicator Forex

Gator Oscillator helps to visualise the periods when Alligator Indicator lines widen or narrow down.

In order to add Alligator indicator to Metatrader 4 chart:
Go to the upper platform Menu:
-> Insert
-> Indicators
-> Bill Williams
-> Gator Oscillator.

How to trade with Gator Oscillator


The Gator Oscillator histogram above zero shows the absolute difference between blue and red lines of Alligator indicator, while histogram below zero shows the absolute difference between red and green lines.

There are green and red bars on the Gator Oscillator histograms.
A green bar appears when its value is higher than the value of the previous bar.
A red bars appears when its value is lower than the value of the previous bar.

Gator Oscillator helps to better visualize the upcoming changes in the trends: to know when Alligator sleeps, eats, fills out and is about to go to sleep.

Now let's see what Gator does

Gator indicator Forex

Gator Awakes

- when after sleeping one of the indicator bars is red and the other one is green (either above or below zero)

Gator Eats

- when both bars (above and below zero) are green.

Gator fills out

- when after eating one of the bars turn red.

Gator Sleeps

- when both bars are red.

By default, Gator oscillator is set with a slight shift forward when displaying oscillator bars.
When working with Gator oscillator in real time, there is no impact/difference, but if to attempt visual backtesting, such shift would prohibit from making a real evaluation of Gator indicator performance. Therefore, it is recommended to set shift value to zero as shown on the screenshot below:

Gator indicator shift


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really interesting! I'll try it.

Yep that 000 shift mod works v well. b4 was soooo lagging.thanks

many thnaks, great adjustment

At last I found out what GATOR is and how it is to be interpreted.Thanx.


Thanx for your honest efforts in explaining.

Am a beginer, it will help me a lot thanks for giving very excelent description

thanks man.

quite interesting man....

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thanks for your effort
pls tell me how to download gator oscillator

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If I trade the Gator, how will I be eatan alive?

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what do we do if the gator got stomach ache (the bar randomly turns red...zebra like)...?

marvellous...after apply this, my account grew up 300% within a day

after 5 years trade, finally i found the best trading method for me. This method is realy the best. I tried on Bullion Gold and the result makes me happy all the time. Thanks to you bro!. I add up MA 50 shift 13 smoothed median and MA 365 shift 50 smoothed median also, so, I trade in all timeframes from M1 to Weekly chart. When I combine with Fibo which I add the level, -23.6, -38.2, -61.8, 161.8, -261.8, -423.6, I really buy or sell at the beginning of trend ..means my entry on M1 chart and close position/(s) at the end of the wave ( 5th waves). Thanks again. God Bless you...

what is use of value1 and value2 ?...

how to earn by having this oscillator..can anyone explain me

Thanks Bill for this indicator.I will try it

TQVM sir for all this william chaos!

simple profitable i combine stochastic and awesome oscillator

hello dear
will you please explain the strategy that you use to trade. please explain. As i lost all the money within 1 day trade. please send me on my email - [email protected].
i am very thankful to you if you send me the strategy details and how to use it.

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