How to Choose the Best Combination of Forex Indicators

The goal is to pick the best indicators set.
The challenge is to combine indicators in a smart way. This means that indicators should deliver different type of information about the market and confirm each other rather than duplicate signals.

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I am a beginner to Forex. I understand that we have to choose one indicator from each category. Good idea! Choosing just 4 from hundreds of indicators is not an easy job. I want to ask you what will be your suggested list of indicators if I go for day trading?

please can you combine it an send it to my email sandyd4k() or petersandy46() ireally appreciate you guys are doing great job thanks

Thank you for your feedback.
This job should be done not by us, but rather by an individual trader, according to his/her understanding of the indicators and, most importantly, own preferences.
For example, if I say to use RSI, but you don't understand the value of it, or simply don't know how to trade with it, would you use it?
Therefore, let's save our time: if you're a beginner, take it at your own pace, study indicators one by one and choose those you feel more comfortable trading with, alright?

i am a novice to the forex market.i need your advice on how reliable are these indicators,MACD,STOCKHASTIC and PIVOT.i guess it is a good combination.thanks

These are great indicators to start with. Each of them gives good clear trading signals, and if used properly following the rules and conditions they were made for, those indicators will be very useful for beginners as well as experienced traders.

Hi , I am new baby in Forex market . I found this site very educative. I am very appreciated all you say here . Thanks ! Dan051 from Croatia

What are the right indicators for a trader on a 15 minute chart for daily trade.

A general question like this is impossible to answer.. sorry. There are thousands of indicators that can be used.

Everytime I return to this site, I learn more answers to the questions I have. This is a great educational resource.

It has been suggested that no more than 3 indicators should be used yet there are at least 4 different categories of useful indicators (Trend, Momentum, Volume, Volitality). Is there perhaps some kind of overlap in the categories in which an indicator for one category is also an indicator for another category. Knowing if such is the case would help a person in choosing the least amount of indicators for providing the most amount of information.

Also, is there anyplace where a scale or comparison of accuracy for the various indicators (in their respective categories) can be found?

3 indicators is just an approximate suggestion obviously. You shouldn't take it literally.
A well disciplined and organized trader can easily use a good number of indicators and do well.

I don't know about services/places where you can obtain comparison data or have it done for you.
The best and usually the most effective way to find any answers is by doing your own testing - you'll spend less time and learn more from it than if you spend hours seeking for someone's reports which you might not be able to verify...

Im siva, Thanks to all

psar, ama, macd works fine for me. The problem is when it's choppy the whole day. That's when I lose money and lose a lot. I mean all the indicators agree with each other for an entry and also for the exit but when it's choppy or when it's a whipsaw then that's when I lose money. I've back track it for 2 years. Is there any indicator that shows or can predict when not to get in a choppy market???

Hi, please can u kindly give me details on how to combine stochastic and bolinger bands so as to discover the early direction of a new trend

Am a new person on this site and as begginer in forex trading I will be glad if you could tell me from your exprience as trader the best forex indicator to use in trading. Please sir I need your respond on this mind distubing issue but send your reply to my box at obasola4() or solomonadegoke()


Great and informative site thanks a lot keep going please

thanks for this great good job to humanity.

Hi i am using CCI almost every day i am earning min of 80 Pips.

Most if not all indicators are not leading. The really good traders (very few as a percentage) use price action alone. All of the popular indicators are only reflecting past price action. Apart from just guesing, you need to have a knowledge of wave theory and of course follow the fundamentals.
The divergence theory used with the popular indicators has some leading properties but is still not vindicated with long term statistical analysis studies. In the long run all most traders are doing is making an intelligent gamble. Unless based on long term fundamental considerations or a calculated price study, the difference between betting on a horse race with all the knowledge you have about the horse and track etc and forex (and other markets) is probable minimal.
To win in the long run you must have a statistical probabilty system based on price action alone, or be in a position with the big time money movers who really determine where the markets move. Everything else is just largely indeterminable ( as far as I know) wave motion or imaginary bullshit.

Please i wish to know how to use macd to know when to enter trade using pivot point lines? Please send the reply to box. [email protected]

I recently began intraday trading in the forex market. Currently, I am using RSI 10, ADX 14, CCI 34, and EMA 20, 50, 150. I also use Fibonacci retracements. I plot the Fibonacci retracements on 15-minute charts and I use 5-minute interval charts most regularly. Sometimes I will also use a shorter time period for more exact entry and exit points. Can you please let me know if this is too much and if so, what you would recommend me shrink this done to? Also, do my time frames seem reasonable? If not, what do you recommend? Please send your response to [email protected] . Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance

hi I am a very very newbie in this bussiness kind, I need you to help me, about what kind of indicators that I can use to predict the gold market, such as the time to buy, may be also the price movement..someone told me to use logarithmic spiral on gold market because it's easier to predict the running of price..

may be you can suggest me what indicator I can use for gold market..thank you so much..

Hi Sir, Im very much new in fx trade.Need ur kind help, pls suggest me which indicators i have to set for profitable trade. I don't understand when market will up or down .Could u pls advice me the best indicators n provide a short note about their use n indications. pls mail me @ id: [email protected]

Thx for ur nice coop.

Thank you for the free information you have been providing. ps sir where can i find the following indicators :Bollinger Bands (the squeeze), and CCI (zero line reject). Kindly reply me on [email protected]. Thanks, Richard


I wondered if you could help. I am looking at trading 1hr forex binary options and therefore "simply" need to determine whether the next hour will finish higher or lower than the previous one. Do any of the vast array of indicators you have kindly described in such detail (or combination of 2 - 3 indicators) lend themselves to such analysis. I would be most grateful if you could reply to [email protected]. Thanking you very much in advance. Dave

I appriciate your noble work.
Does it works on CFD like gold, silver, crude oil etc?

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