Stochastic RSI

what does R_price and slowing do?

You are a fountain of knowledge - real information without a con - I thank you for this very good site and especially grateful that you spend so much time on behalf of all of us.

Well done

I cut my c**k if u lose using this one....

This is the best indicator.Is any AFL which i can use? Shamsul

My Dear friend,
you have helped me very much in the past, and for that I am gratefull.
Please help me here:

I would like from you to point me to someone very professional who can build an EA to my custom specifications , of course with adequate compensation,and who can respect the secrecy agreement I will sign with him.
As I do not have a lot of time to sit all day in front of my laptop,this would be an ideal solution to me.
Can you help? I do not know who else to turn to?
Yours truly ,
John, intermediate Forex trader,

About the message requesting your help in finding a forex robot programmer ,I forgot to mention my e-mail, here it is

[email protected]

Thanks again,
Regards , John.

EA programmers to be found at forum

im cofuse, which is better to use the stochRSI or the stochRSI basic???

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