Stochastic Indicator

stochastic is the best indicator that I know.

I am doing nifty futures. which indicators are best for nifty futures

pls i want to know the mostly hour that is good when using stochastic.

You have mention " But because it is too choppy it should be traded in combination with other indicators to filter out Stochastic signals." and Im fully agreed about that because it's really confuse me.
So, What other indicators you suggest to use beside Stochastic Indicator and How ?

Hi great info on the stochastic indicator Thanks

great analysis there i love but i have a question. wat is the best setting for stochastic ?

I use 40,5,5 it tends to keep you in the trade longer and less fake outs

nice explanation !!! gk

please answer Abdullah question i really want to know the answer

realy helpful :]

i see you have an alert for the stochastic. do you know if there is one that will give an alert when the K% line crosses the D% line in either direction?


I wonder if Stochastic overbought/oversold indications is somehow analogous to volume change since they both depict a momentum.


Thank You Sir


Can you pls change the alert to cross back from OB or the 80 level for sell alert and cross back from OS or 20 level for buy alert.

Thank you:)

Thanks for this

Thanks for this



sir could you reply me why one indicator is showing different result than other,, like RSI shows something else and SO shows other, if we go withe ADX it will show something else.. Please reply

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pretty clear tutorial ,,,easy to understood.
wondering which time frame i should use 15m,1h,1day ? can you please explain the different time frame for me.


Many thanks, please I do not understand method 3 called Trading stochastic divergence and you did not define the formulas used in computing full,fast and slow stochastic. my email is [email protected]

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