Which way the price is heading? How far will it travel? How long will the trend last? Where is the bottom, top and what are the signs of a weakening trend?

These and many other questions form an essential part of any technical analysis.
There are some fundamental guidelines to be used in day-to-day trading:

1. Embrace the full picture of the market

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good advice

yes, indeed I like it like and these are important, only problem is to comply with it.
May be position size and leverage are important, stop loss is needed but it is always hunted ddown by the brokers.
Robie, from London

I found this site very useful. thanks alot

Verry nice advice for a New Trader... Thanks

i really sucked this days...i am new here,i study more time about forex,i am better than my classmate in forex course,but when i practise it i saw that indicators they are all bullshit(excuse me for that word)because they donot show something when u said to trade,when the day over the indicator then finaly show them self,go to 5 minute chart here u will finally see what is going on...
when u profit for 4 trade(example 25 dollar)u will lose in one trade(30 pip risk)+they will fuck ur time ,,,so what is the point....
do and find another job is the best indicator
thanks indicator side,and i am sorryy for that

Fantastic examples. Thanks

Good words

clear instructions for beginners.

Hey FXI can you talk about how important it is for the importance of balance and imbalance of demand and supply? I think this will hopefully help allot of us to understand how the market really works.

I have read somewhere but not make sense of it that supply demand is all that you need to know about trading anything...

many many thanks for your suggestions i am sure this is helping hands for the newcomers in Forex
also this gives confidence for traders i wish you long and healthy life in future.
again thanks for guidence.
from india

wonderfull great job

Great. Well done.

Paradox in trading is the more you know the worse your performance gets. My advise - do not learn.

Wonderful and honest advices

nice advice! Thanks

this is a really good web, i can learn so much things, thank you.

thankyou..i will follow your rule..
jose jonas

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