Average True Range (ATR)

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Another filtering tip: For time frames of an hour or less I set the ATR to 4. Then I put a 13 ema of the ATR in the same window. If the ATR is moving above the 13 ema trade, if below don't trade(can also trade if ATR is moving up even if below the 13 ema). Upward movement indicates a strengthening trend and downward movement indicates a weakening trend.


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Would be great to hear more about these indis,- VoltyChannel_Stop.mq4, ChandelierExit.mq4, how they are calculated.
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Question: In MetaTrader 4 how can I add the 13 EMA to the ATR window? Thanks CT


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To put 13 EMA on to the ATR window. Click on Moving average then Drag and Drop it to ATR window then put in your period setting -e.g. 13 - & 'Exponential' then where it says 'Apply to' you choose 'first indicator window' from the drop down menu. Press OK! Hey Presto it is there!

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I have been reading about the explanation of ATR endlessly from various sources, never sure if I was truly understanding it. I'm only confident in my understanding of it now due to the price chart presented at this site showing the small and large channels of candlesticks corresponding to small and large ATR. This one depiction that I've never seen anywhere else has made all the difference in my understanding.


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Good description of atr however I find the values you use a bit subjective. eg using 30% 50% etc of atr as trailing stop. There no definate values for given market situations


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