Bollinger Bands®

Bollinger Bands – a simple yet powerful indicator, ideal for traders who like visual style of trading.

Volatility Indicators - Bollinger bands Forex

Bollinger Bands: quick summary

Created by John Bollinger, the Bollinger Bands indicator measures market volatility and provides a lot of useful information:
- trend direction
- trend continuation or pausing
- periods of market consolidation
- periods of upcoming large volatility breakouts
- relative market tops and bottoms and price targets.

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Thank you like other i didnt know bb was so useful big thumbs up :)

excellent man..

since 2 years ive use this bolinger, until now understand how to use

Thank you very much for your guidance. I tried to follow the DBB but it didn't work with me properly. According to what I have understood, I saw that XAU was trending upward when I was looking at 15 minutes period, however, on an H1 period it was trending down. So what is the correct period to look at in order to get the correct DBB indication?

Thanks in advance.


Excellent work, I am a newbie in forex and first BB looked very complicated but after I've read this article it looks very easy to interpret. Thank you very much.

Good explanation and BB is a good indicator specially that double sets of BB, It help me a lot.

Thanks a lot for your explanations on bolinger band. good job.

Goodhope Atason, Nigeria

Great work! does anyone know where can I find (or at least review) the BB delta indicator? Also, beyond this is something called a BB Momentum indicator, where would I find information on this? Third does anyone know anything about a BB Trend Indicator, supposedly to help distinguish between trending and flat market characteristics. Anyone?

Thk you 4 d insight into BB. Can BB be used in conjuction with Pivot Point? How do 1 read n understand? Ben

How do I set 21x.6 parameter in MT4?

can I know about zigzag indicator thanks
Robert Lim (china)

can i use sar to confirm entry

Hello everyone, I trade with the ninja trader platform and I started looking at your explanations and I must say they are very well explained and very detailed, thanks for that. Now I already set up the BB but in the preferences window under the Data section where it says "Calculate on Bar Close" it gives me the option to choose between "True" or "False" Which one should i choose in order to have a more accurate indication?

nice one.tanks


good real job
priyantha srilanka

thanks are a great .

I am one of beginners having learnt a lot from day one from your site. thank you.

After going through the above info on BB, I added Heiken Ashi to enhance trend identification. The picture I got was awesome. Thanks for the clear explanations on how to apply BB

Could you provide articles on the Bollinger BandWidth indicator and the %B indicator?

indeed dis a great job u doing least making things easier for me.

Bollinger Bands perform better for the time windows above 60 bars. The backtest of strategy is here:

Is there a way to use Bollinger Bands with an ema instead of an sma on MT4?

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