Average Directional Index (ADX)

ADX Indicators Forex

ADXDownload: ADX.mq4
ADXDownload: Advanced_ADX.mq4

ADX Quick Summary

Trading with ADX indicator involves the following signals:

ADX staying below 20 level — there is no trend or the trend is weak.

ADX moving above 20 level — trend is strong.

ADX passing 40 level — trend is extreme.

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Download: ADX.mq4

Love your site! You should really write a book.. =)

What does the "Advanced_ADX" indicator do?
How is it different than regular ADX.mq4?

It's not different in any way, except for graphical display. Some may like it more that way.
You'll find the guidelines here: Advanced_ADX indicator MT4.

Thank you for your feedback =)

Most indicators were designed for stocks and commodities. I find that most of the standard settings and strategies move too slowly for Forex. I set the ADX to 4 and set the ADX color to "none". I use the crossing of +D and -D to confirm the start of a new trend. This works well for all time frames but, is especially good for 30 minutes and larger. This is in my top 5 favorite indicators.

BTW, I love your site! I have carefully studied your info and downloaded some customized indicators for the last 9 months. What a great education it as been!

I lost a lot of money... before i got to know about indicators... ADX also helps you know if u shud hold on the position cuz more profits are to come... combined with parabolic and stochaist its bread an butter

Found adx very interesting... Thanks...

Extremely useful information for a novice like myself. Thank you!

Excellent stuff.

Keep up the good work!!!

This is the best site I have found about indicators. Simple and easy to understand.
Thank you very much

what ADX settings can one use for H1 time frame for short term trading or swing trading

Thank for the indicator. Best regards

sir can you send for me any example of adx formula. thank you

super formula sir thank you very much

There is a minor issue with the ADX.mq4 indicator posted here. This may be due to the particular version of MetaTrader that I am using. My broker is Trading Point.

The issue: When dotted lines are changed to full lines and then a template is saved and loaded on another chart or if metatrader is exited and restarted these lines are now dotted again. Highly annoying.

Also my distribution of metatrader comes with an ADX indicator, just wanted to see if there was some difference.

Many many thanks to you for posting this valuable article.

Thanx for ur advice on the use of ADX. It's been really helpful.

which are the best combining indicators which can be used with ADX,to get the best results,more accuracy.

I have found the ADX to be less than 50% reliable in day trades and here is why. Most of you that use it would have noticed that profitable trades DO HAPPEN even when the ADX is below 20, and that in most of these cases you are out of the action because you were waiting for the ADX to climb above 20 before you enter a trade. When first I discovered it, I took it to be a very reasonable indicator; much like in flying a plane. You dont take off until you build enough speed right? Generally true, but sometimes you can. It just takes you longer to gain altitude. The other problem with the ADX is that once 'the plane' has taken off, the ADX will take it up, down or sideways with the whatever speed the ADX is displaying. The price does still climb up and down whether ADX is below 20, in the 30s or above. After nine (yes 9) hours of of non-stop poring through my charts, I have dumped the ADX for something else with amazing results! So just a word of caution about the ADX; it can be very directionless.


thanks man...

i can i use this signals from this indicator to predict binary options of 15mins

This is now what I call education. Thank you.

what will be for daily charts adx settings

In My 5min chart ADX curve is showing 0,0.2-0.8 only but RSI is 0-100, what is the prob.

Pls replay

Thank you for sharing this very wonderful indicator.

Hi guys,

I am trying to apply the above ADX indicator formula in a spreadsheed in order to get the results but it doesn't work (I don't get the right results). Does anyone know the right formula which can be applied to a Excel spreadsheet and give the results I need?

Thanks a lot,

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