Alligator Indicator by Bill Williams

in side ways market(i mean 30 to 40 pips up and down) the alligator indicator is very poor to working ,
so in that time if i put orders i will get lots of losses so what can i do , pls if anybodu knows pls tell me in my mail ([email protected])

Am very new to trading, am not undesrtanding how to relate alligator in trading indications.
Can anyone explain me with a small example please.


When trying to determine the "flow" or "trend" of the alligator, do you focus on the exact position of each of the 3 lines (looking into the future) or do you focus on where the lines are at the price action (present time)?

Nice but , you need combinations of few indicators to get the best results....


great job, very interactive and good explanation


It constantly surprises me to see comments on how and when and with what other indicator(s) to use the alligator, when it already has been clearly explained and discussed earlier in the forum. STUDY THE COMMENTS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN COVERED. Lazy attitude if you ask me.
A lazy person will never become a successful trader. TRADING IS HARD WORK.

Thank you

What do you mean by shifting by 5 bars or 8 bars for calculating 13 days SMA or 8 days SMA. Can you explain it.

So Amazing

Hi, I understand the alligator but my question is in which time can i use it? 1 minute, 5 minutes or 15 minutes.

Could you please help me to find out how to put in the excel the "...moved into the future by 8 (or 5, or 3) bars..." as presented above?
thank you!

What do you mean by "..moving by (i.e)5 bars into the future..". Would you please explain it.
I have tried to "translate" it by calculating the SMA price, 5 periods ago, but it does not seem to be corect.

hi ... first of all i would like to thank you for helping and educating amateur s like me ... if u dont mind can u explain how the alligator indicator help s in indicating which wave of the elliott wave we are in and if u can explain what is the mouth in detail ... if u dont mind a pic explanation would help ... thank you and great job ...

hey all, i am new to this fx, i would like to get in to the trading world. I have kind requests for senior traders that could you please guide me what should i read and practice before go to the real trade. I have opened demo account and do practice trading.

Hi all, I have been using the alligator for some time now and have found it works on all time frames. I typically use it on the 5 min and 15 min charts and on the EUR/USD. Enter long when the mouth opens with the jaw on bottom. Enter short when the mouth opens jaw on top. You can also only trade in the direction of the long-term trade by going up two time frames and trading only in the direction it indicates. Make sure price action has moved above or below the mouth before entering. Monitor trade and move stop loss to the jaw be it a long or short entry. Exit when the stop loss is hit, or if your a more conservative trader, when price action moves back into the mouth; however this may greatly limit you profit potential as price does move back into the mouth and out again often without hitting the stop loss set just below or above the jaw. I use no other indicators and have won many more trades than I have lost. Keep in mind if you use proper money management you can lose more trades than you win and still make money.

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