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MACD is the simplest and very reliable indicator used by many Forex traders.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) has in its base Moving Averages.

It calculates and displays the difference between the two moving averages at any time. As the market moves, moving averages move with it, widening (diverging) when the market is trending and moving closer (converging) when the market is slowing down and possibility of a trend change arise.

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How effect could divergence be during the news hour and how can it be traded during the release of a powerful news such as non-farm pay roll, GDP, CPI etc.

Divergence would be effective in many instances, even during the news, but I wouldn't recommend relying on it when such powerful news as NFP, CPI and similar are released: the market has a much higher agenda than just following divergence rules.

Hi to all!

I'ma trading for a few years! Divergence is the best way to see end of the up/down trend. I will say to all: Pls master DIVERGENCE, regual for trend revrsal and hidden for trend continuation. Use 1hour and 4hour timeframe and Tom Demark trend lines for entries. I like MACD and RSI for divergence. Use classic stop such stop under/below last high/low. Cut your losses short and let's forit run!! Even elliott waves must end with MACD divergence!!! I wish you a lot of PIPS in your pocket. Advice: For a small accounts up to 30.000USD use 1hour chart and 15min just to enter a trade. Daily is also ok but you must have very high stop and if you using right money management and risking only 1% of your balance per trade on a daily chart you will not eran so much as on a 1 hour chart. Ths is just my opinion after a years of trading. Happy PIPPING to ALL!!!

My favorite version of MACD is one called MACD_color. It is a histogram with a single signal line but, the bars are one color if the value is higher than the previous bar and a different color if the value is less than the previous bar. I set the values to 4,11,1. This is my final confirmation in all time frames (green going up if position is long, red going down if position is short). Good for day trading or swing trading. I recommend 9,21,5 if long term position trading using this colored indicator, watching for the color change and signal line crossing.

Moving this fast (4,11,1) gives patterns that are revealing about the potential for change. A concave parabola moving up or down away from zero indicates an accelerating trend. A convex parabola moving towards zero is also an accelerating trend. A concave parabola moving up or down moving towards zero indicates a slowing trend before possible consolidation or a reversal. A convex parabola moving away from zero also, indicates a slowing trend. BTW, your explanations are the best I have seen by anybody, anywhere. Thanks.

Thanks FXIndicators for all your help. I find MACD 9,21,4 works great for 15 min, 30 min, and 1 hr time frames. Watch for the crossover with the signal line. These settings also are good for divergence in the 30 min and 1 hr time frames. The crossover with the signal when there is divergence is usually a really good trade.

Hi,info given in this website is really useful for new traders like me.Just would like to clarify,how many pips can we expect if trade using 1/5 min TF.I'm intereseted to enter at the start of the histogram rising & begin to fall.You have mentioned that can do entry at a flip across zero level,do you mind to explain further on this.Thanks in advance.

Hi FXIndicators,brilliant site & great info for new traders like me.Just would like to enquire whether is there anyway to identify on false signals or even to identidy sideways,thanks.

It's not possible to tell (even with some margin) how many pips you should expect with 1-5 min TF.
It'll depend no many factors, such as the hour of the day (active session vs slow session), market volatility, currency pair (for example, GBP/JPY can give up to 20 pips on a small time frame without a blink, while EURUSD can produce 5-7 pips without hiccups, but after that it's an unknown territory).

False signals with MACD - happen, but MACD indicator itself won't offer filters for it, so you need other indicators.
Regarding sideways filters, take a look at this great example: Range-bound trading (MACD histogram range)

Hello. On your first page of this MACD discussion the first two charts displayed show both EMAs displayed on the actual chart itself. I'm looking to be able to place my MACD lines in the same manner. I'm having a hard time finding a MACD that will do this. Can you help? Thank you in advance.

Try running these two together on the chart:


i was unable use mac d cross over alert 4


I don't know. Do you use MT4? If yes, MT4 recognizes .mq4 and .ex4 file formats.

can any one help me i was unable to attach the mac d cross over alert 4. please give suggestion how to install and use


Not sure why, but I can no longer launch it myself..

The indicator must be copied to /Experts/Indicators folder. That's all. I'm not sure why it doesn't work now, sorry.

Anyway, try this one instead: MACD_Crossover_Arrow_Alert.mq4

sir, thanks a lot this great exposition. please can you assist me step by step on how tow download your MACD indicators in this site to my MT4 platform. once again thanks a million.

Thank again, please disregard my request on how to download MACD to my MT4. l've got it in this your great site.

is MACD indicator free? if it is free, where can i download it for free? thanks.

MACD crossover arrow alert, how can I adjust the volume of the alert, it come through very loud. Thanks

i tried to right click and click save as when i want to download the MACD but the MACD did not download and also i want you to explain how i am going to put it on my trading platform if i download it finish.Please i will need your help on both because am new in forex trading.

great work, but is good to use regular macd with any other 2 different ema eg 13 n 21? thanks for ur explanation on macd in general

please,what setting of EMA should i use with the macd 2 colour histogram.?

This has been so helpful reading through peoples questions and answer. My question is simple i am using mt4 platform with Alpari and could not set my Macd to show only two lines and histogram like yours if i could download your platform can i copy it into mt4 or which platform are you using.

is there any macd indicator for fix timeframe value e.g 1hr time frame and the value still show 1hr signal even when you change timeframe

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