Elliott Waves - Fibonacci application click-by-click

Forex MT4 Fibonacci RetracementDownload indicator: FiboRetracement3.mq4

This indicator will draw Fibonacci retracement levels automatically.

Fibonacci Trading

Below are the actual steps of using Fibonacci tool to build retracements and projections for Elliott waves. (We'll be using MT4 platform in this example).

To draw Fibonacci levels we'll use 2 tools on our MT4 platform: Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Expansion.

If you don't see either one in your current MT4 toolbox, use Right click and select "Customize" from the drop down menu, where add all necessary tools.

Clicks-by-click Fibonacci application

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

This turned out to be one of the ideal Elliott wave & Fibonacci proportions, which is not always the case in everyday trading. Yet, these were live charts and it's amazing how accurate the Fibonacci numbers can sometimes be!

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can u tell where set stop loss

Add one more level to your Fibonacci tool - the 75% retracement.
Set initial stops behind 75% level while trying to enter at 61.8% or at 50% Fib retracements.

In the alfabetic order under the F : Fibonacci is missing while you have it done already here !

Yes, but that's related to Elliott waves.
We'll make a special page for Fibonacci trading.

great practical explanation of Fibonnacci

Wow. i try several times and the result is really amazing. Thanks for your simle explaination

hi i am new here so can u pls tell me how to setup the fibo.ok my question is if i using 15min chart so the setup of fibo is using yesterday high n low for today the retcment level? tq n forgive my poor english. n all the best.


stoploss acroding to candelstick pattern

very bad indicator my friends.do not follow this indicator.ur account squireoff.dont worry next 1000$ invest u

fool.EW and Fibo not indicator idiot

Where we can take position? buy or sell.

Fibo is great

fibo is very useful,but what the baseline stand for...

thank you..

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