MT4 Indicator (Gann_HiLo_Activator_ v2.ex4)

Forex MT4 indicator gann hi loDownload indicator: Gann_HiLo_Activator_v2.ex4

Gann HiLo Activator indicator Forex

How to trade with Gann_HiLo_Activator indicator

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I've looked at source code and tell you - this indi will produce more wrong signals than right. Just because it redraws on every new bar. It looks OK on the history chart but is useless in real trade flow.

i think this is pretty

non è vero che l'indicatore ridisegna. esso non è altro che la SMA dei massimi e dei minimi (a 10 di default). quando il prezzo rompe la media dei minimi la linea passa sopra, quando il prezzo rompe la media dei massimi, la linea passa sotto.

non è vero che ridisegna. si tratta solo di 2 medie mobili, sui massimi e sui minimi. quando la barra di prezzo chiude sotto la media dei minimi, visualizza la media sui massimi; quando la barra dei prezzi chiude sopra la media dei massimi, visualizza la media dei minimi. quindi sulle barre chiuse NON RIDISEGNA.

how to put this indicator in mt4 terminal please tell me... i downloaded ex4 file than what i do

thank you for your provide

Sorry need to just mention that elsewhere on this site I had indicated that I could not find the Gann HILO but of course trust you to have such an indicator and here it is. Sorry for my error. I had just wanted to confirm from your site as a final check - how it works since you are my most dependable source on indicator technology and I just did. To other readers let me say (especially to newbies) any time you get a new indicator let it air - i.e. study it by 1) not trading it at once but 2) using it alone in a demo and watching what it does. If you want increase the speed of your understanding try fast shifting time frames like M1 and M5. Note how it performs and what it means to your trading and if you must combine it with others also test this and do so by increments one after the other until you fully understand its function (alone and in combination with others). This indicator (especially the T3 version) I swear can make you very good money


Seriously..... MOST (meaning not all) of you should not trade at all. I bet you come here to find the ultimate indicator to earn a living.

Asking these silly questions only shows that you have absolutely no idea what is trading or what so ever...

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