Other MT4 indicators



I want volume alarm ie when a volume has increased decreased %x compered to a moving average where can I find it.
Comment to volume education, in the fx market ie if you buy GBPUSD pair then you go long in GBP and short USD. And the education was more a stock market example.


Please can you give us links to how to use them


Still pending..


Hi, I have a question:
Is xpMA a indicator-correcting.I mean,does it correct itself base on previous prices.


As far as I remember, it doesn't.
Either way, it's one of those best versions of trend following indicators that are quite impressive.


I want a DMI 14 period


Is there a RSI indicator and RSI EA?


RSI indicator here. Plus some RSI EAs as well.


thank you for the knowledge you are giving to the world, god bless you



i am new to forex and am trading on a demo acct. can I install those indicators on a demo acct?



Please follow the link: How to install MT4 indicators


thank you for the knowledge. i want to know about DTTR indicator. please.


Sorry, don't know about this indicator. Wasn't able to find anything either.


Hi I am looking for an alert when 2 MAs crosses. Any advise? Kim


Hi Kim,

replied to you on the Moving Averages page: http://forex-indicators.net/trend-indicators/moving-averages-ema-sma-wma


does anyone knows where i can download rsi-momentum indictor
(a combine of rsi and momentum in one indicator)?


the great site and the great man who admin of this site


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